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I. partner part‧ner 1 [ˈpɑːtnə ǁ ˈpɑːrtnər] noun [countable]
1. COMMERCE a company that works with another company in a particular activity, or invests in the same activity:

• British Airways is actively seeking partners for joint ventures.

• The company and its equity partners have invested in six energy projects.

ˈlead ˌpartner COMMERCE
the most important partner in a partnership between two or more companies, for example the one that invests the most money:

• The company, including lead partner Ohbayashi Corp. will build a control tower for the planned airport.

ˈmerger ˌpartner FINANCE
a company that merge S (= combines) with another company:

• The company is seeking a merger partner as a way to raise its capital levels.

straˌtegic ˈpartner COMMERCE
a company that another company works with because doing so is important for its development:

• The airline was looking at TWA as a strategic partner to help it become a world airline.

2. COMMERCE someone who starts a new business with someone else by investing in it:

• Like all new business partners, the three founders of the company hoped for smooth teamwork.

ˌsleeping ˈpartner also ˌsilent ˈpartner COMMERCE
a partner who invests in a business but does not take an active part in managing it
ˌworking ˈpartner also ˌactive ˈpartner COMMERCE
a partner who takes an active part in the running of a business:

• Our proposal is that we do business together as working partners with a common interest.

3. a member of certain types of business or professional groups, for example partnerships of lawyers, architects etc:

• Donald Andres, a tax partner at accountants Ernst & Young

ˌgeneral ˈpartner COMMERCE
a full member of a partnership:

• Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. is adding two general partners, further expanding its leadership.

ˌjunior ˈpartner COMMERCE
a partner in a partnership who is less important than a senior partner, but may become a senior partner later
ˈlead ˌpartner COMMERCE
another name for senior partner
ˈmanaging ˌpartner COMMERCE
a very important partner who makes management decisions in a partnership:

• Mr Hielscher, formerly a senior partner, was promoted to chief operating officer and managing partner.

ˈsenior ˌpartner COMMERCE
an important partner in a partnership:

• deals arranged by senior partners

4. also economic partner, ˈtrade partner, ˈtrading ˌpartner ECONOMICS a country that invests in another or is invested in by another, or that trades with another:

• China is an important economic partner and provider of oil for North Korea.

• Exports won't boom this year because so many of America's major trading partners are going through tough times, too.

  [m0] II. partner partner 2 verb [intransitive, transitive]
to be someone's partner in a business project:

• Creative Labs have partnered another company to design and produce some of the best speakers on the market today.

partner ( up) with somebody

• The cellular phone company has partnered with a company that lays phone lines in urban areas to compete with local phone carriers.

• The company has partnered up with a number of stores to provide a flower delivery service.

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partner UK US /ˈpɑːtnər/ noun [C]
a person or organization you are closely involved with in some way: »

Lauren opened the design studio with her business partner Myra.


The two companies are partners in a contract to build a new power station.

WORKPLACE, FINANCE one of the owners of a company: a partner in sth »

He's a partner in an accounting firm.

a partner at sth »

She's a partner at a law firm.

the person you are married to or living with as if you were married, or the person you are having a sexual relationship with: »

This is my partner, Alex.

See also ACTIVE PARTNER(Cf. ↑active partner), GENERAL PARTNER(Cf. ↑general partner), JUNIOR PARTNER(Cf. ↑junior partner), LEAD PARTNER(Cf. ↑lead partner), MANAGING PARTNER(Cf. ↑managing partner), MERGER PARTNER(Cf. ↑merger partner), SENIOR PARTNER(Cf. ↑senior partner), SILENT PARTNER(Cf. ↑silent partner), SLEEPING PARTNER(Cf. ↑sleeping partner), TRADING PARTNER(Cf. ↑trading partner), WORKING PARTNER(Cf. ↑working partner)
partner UK US /ˈpɑːtnər/ verb [I or T]
WORKPLACE, FINANCE if a company or person partners with another, they work together: partner with sb/sth »

We've partnered with virtually every company in the industry over the years.


As a long-term investor, I look forward to partnering with management and employees.


We will not be buying any companies, as our policy is to partner.

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